October 2018 Updates

Yes, it’s that time of year again. We, the members of the TC and OC have a lot to announce for the upcoming RoboCup in Sydney.

First up, we’ve decided that we will adapt the so-called tick-tock model in the SSL. This means that there will be significant changes every second year, followed up by quality-of-life improvements the year after. Since 2018 has been a year with a ton of changes (especially for division A), 2019 will be a lot more tame.

That said, what can you expect from this season?


There is a Discord server for the SSL. Some of you are already using it, but for those who missed it or forgot about it, here is the link: https://discord.gg/t724m8c. This Discord server is a communication platform for everyone in the SSL. If you want to ask other teams or committee members about anything, Discord might be the way to go.

New SSL Website

There is a brand new website that replaces our beloved wiki. All the information for RoboCup 2019 is at or linked at https://ssl.robocup.org for you to access. Over the coming months, we will be migrating the historical content from the wiki before it is decommissioned later this year. We’re interested in hearing how the website can better serve each of your teams, so reach out via email or Discord with suggestions or problems. All other leagues of the RoboCup will also migrate to the new website.

SSL Rules Rewrite

The rules of the SSL have been rewritten. The new rules can be found as HTML and PDF on https://ssl.robocup.org/rules/ or directly at Github: https://github.com/RoboCup-SSL/ssl-rules. Apart from restructuring the rules and making them more clear and comprehensible, there are also some differences to the 2018 version. I’ll explain the rationale behind these changes in a second mail today.

Refbox replacement: The Game Controller

The new Game Controller has been implemented. It is a replacement for the RefBox while also serving as a standardized front-end for automatic referee implementations. This means that the game controller operator (formerly RefBox operator) now only needs a single application. You can find the game controller on Github: https://github.com/RoboCup-SSL/ssl-game-controller. The two AutoRef implementations of Tigers and ER-Force are not yet updated to work with the new interface, but you can already use the game controller instead of the old RefBox. We highly encourage everyone to test their system with the new game controller. There is also a new team-protocol that teams can optionally implement. Please report any feedback and bugs back to us.

New SSL-Vision Cameras

There will be a completely new camera setup revolving around USB cameras. The idea is to have mini PCs 6 meters above the field (2 for division A, 1 for division B) equipped with a high resolution USB camera each. We are still discussing the financial and technical details.