RoboCup 2019 Qualification

We’ve got some information about the qualification process for the RoboCup 2019 in Sydney to share with you.

First, the deadline for submitting the qualification material is the 29th of January 2019 anywhere on earth. Please make sure that you submit the material in time as no late submissions will be accepted. If you happen to need more time because of justified reasons, please ask for an extension before the 29th of January. Teams that do not submit in time won’t attend the RoboCup in Sydney as a participant in the SSL.

Second, all teams intending to participate in division A need to submit an ETDP, regardless of the placement in past RoboCup events. Division B teams only need to submit a regular TDP. Please make sure that the (E)TDP contains useful information for other teams. Don’t only mention what you’ve done or improved but also explain your thought processes and describe your work in detail, so that other teams are able to reproduce the results. The (E)TDPs are the most relevant way of sharing information and advancing the league, so please start early and invest some time and effort into your paper. Like this year, teams that only submit (E)TDPs of bad quality won’t be qualified!

Further information about the qualification process can be found on the RoboCup 2019 Qualification page.