RoboCup 2019: Preparation of league software

Hi teams,

its only a month till RoboCup and the preparation of the leagues software is slowing getting to a final state.

I have two requests to you all:

1. Please check if your robot height is correctly defined in ssl-vision:
If not, write me your Robot Height until June 23.

2. This year, there will be large screens on each field with a status-board again. Please check, if your team logo is present and up-to-date:
The logo must have a size of 512x512px.
The status-board looks like this: (though there is an updated version already).

As you probably know already, we introduce a replacement for the refbox this year: The ssl-game-controller:

At least one or two of your team members will get in touch with this software, so it might be helpful if you already try it out before the RoboCup 😉
I did a major refactoring of the UI in the recent weeks, so please also make sure to get the latest version.
Please let me know if you have ideas to improve it or if something is unclear.
And please consider implementing the team protocol to react to the advantage rule and to set your goalie automatically.

See you in Sydney!