RoboCup 2019 Awards

AwardTypeWinning Team
Excellence AwardTrophyTIGERs Mannheim
Division A First PlaceTrophyZJUNlict
Division A Second PlaceTrophyER-Force
Division A Third PlaceTrophyMRL
Division B First PlaceTrophyUBC Thunderbots
Technical Challenges First PlaceCertificateTIGERs Mannheim
Open Source AwardCertificateTIGERs Mannheim
Best TDP AwardCertificateTIGERs Mannheim
Most Improved TeamCertificateULtron

Excellence Award

The RoboCup Small Size League Excellence Award is given to the team that best embodies the goals of the RoboCup Federation. This team will have notable success on the soccer pitch, share knowledge with the community, and exhibit good sportsmanship.


All teams that participate in RoboCup 2019 are eligible to receive this award.

Selection Criteria

Points for each criterion will be awarded by either an objective metric or a ballot.

CriteriaScoring MethodPossible Points
Team places firstObjective4
Team places secondObjective3
Team places thirdObjective2
Team places fourthObjective1
Team participates in Division AObjective3
Team places first in technical challengesObjective2
Team places second in technical challengesObjective1
Team participates in at least one technical challengeObjective1
Team submits an entry for the open source awardObjective2
Team has contributed to SSL shared projectsObjective2
TDP Quality – Ranked choice vote, points awarded by quintile.Ballot0 to 4
Team demonstrates sportsmanship and willingness to assist other teams and organizers during the tournament – Each team scored on a scale of 0 to 3 by all other teams. Scores are averaged.Ballot0 to 3

Open Source Award

The RoboCup Small Size League Open Source Award goes to a team that has demonstrated a commitment to sharing and supporting their software and hardware designs for the benefit and advancement of the RoboCup community.


All teams that participate in RoboCup 2019 and have released a significant portion of their work under an source license. Teams will be required to submit information regarding their entry prior to a date announced by the Organizing Committee in order to be considered for the Open Source Award. Contributions to league-maintained software, such as SSL-Vision, are not eligible for this award.


A submission for the Open Source Award will include the following

  • Link(s) to the open source project
  • Link(s) to any related documentation for using the open source project
  • A short description of the project and documentation submitted and their innovation and relevance to the RoboCup Small Size League.

Submissions will be made to the Small Size League Mailing List by <Date TBD>. The subject of the email should be RoboCup 2019 – Open Source Award Submission <Your Team Name>. Late submissions will not be considered.


During the competition, the Organizing Committee will designate a time for Open Source award presentations. All teams that meet the eligibility requirements and who submitted details prior to the deadline will prepare a presentation of their entry. The presentation should not exceed five minutes in length. A short question and answer question will immediately follow each presentation.

Selection Criteria

Each team in attendance at RoboCup 2019 will receive a ballot. Each ballot will contain a form for each submission to be evaluated independently on a numeric scale in multiple categories, each weighted equally. The scores of each submission will be averaged and the submission with the highest average score will receive the award. The categories will be quality of submission, quality of documentation/supporting materials, and innovation.

Most Improved Award

The RoboCup Small Size League Most Improved Team Award is given to a team that has seen the greatest improvement between the previous RoboCup competition and the current competition. The improvement can be related to game performance, robot design, or other aspects.


All teams that participate in RoboCup 2019 are eligible to receive this award.

Selection Criteria

The winner of the most improved award will be selected by a ballot. All teams will provide a ranked list of their top three choices for this award. Each time a team appears on a ballot in the top position, it will be worth three points, two points for the second position, and one point for the third position. The award will go to the team with the most points.