RoboCup Small Size League

The RoboCup Small Size League is a part of the RoboCup Research Federation focused on multi-agent coordination and control. Teams currently compete in 8 vs. 8 soccer matches (6 vs. 6 in Div. B).

RoboCup is an international scientific initiative with the goal to advance the state of the art of intelligent robots. When established in 1997, the original mission was to field a team of robots capable of winning against the human soccer World Cup champions by 2050.

More Information

Information regarding qualification, schedule, and awards of the Small Size League for the next international RoboCup event are posted on the RoboCup 2019 index.

The primary means of the communication with teams is via the SSL Mailing List. Additional team discussion occurs on the league Discord. Information for both is on the Contact page.

Small Size League Updates

RoboCup 2019 Qualification (3)
January 23, 2019
First, all the qualification-related deadlines are now online: The registration dates have not been set yet. We will keep you up to date...
RoboCup 2019 Qualification (2)
January 9, 2019
Just a quick reminder that the qualification material submission deadline is in less than three weeks, on the 29th of January anywhere on earth. The quality of the ETDP (division A) o...
RoboCup 2019 Qualification
November 17, 2018
We've got some information about the qualification process for the RoboCup 2019 in Sydney to share with you. First, the deadline for submitting the qualification material is the 29th of