Tournament Rules

All teams must adhere to these formalized guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful competition. While some protocols have been used in past competitions, this page consolidates and clarifies them to maintain organization throughout the event.

Radio Setup

Each team must only use the radio frequencies assigned during the competition.

  • The 2024 Radio Frequency form is sent by the OC or TC a few weeks before the RoboCup at Discord and Mailing list.
  • Based on the team’s responses, TC will assign a radio frequency to be used during the competition.

Poster Presentation

Each Division A team must bring a poster presentation with its development and innovations to the competition.

Division B teams are highly encouraged to bring posters and present.

  • Poster aims to maximize the effectiveness of ETDPs and TDPs.
  • The poster must be roughly one square meter (A0) and will be hung up in the RoboCup venue.


During the competition, at least one field will be assigned to practice. Each team will have a few half-field 30-minute slots per day.

  • The number of slots varies depending on the number of teams, field availability, and competition schedule.
  • If your team needs the whole field, you should book 2 field halves simultaneously. Note that you will consume two slots in 30 minutes.


Each game has 4 teams involved: 2 teams playing, one assigned as Referee and Game Controller, and another as Assistant Referee and Vision Expert. Every team should arrive at the field 15 minutes before the schedule, as the kickoff should start at the scheduled time.

  • If the previous game is delayed, the 15 minutes should start when the previous game finishes. Therefore, referees and teams have at least 15 minutes to prepare for the game.
  • In the 15 minutes, GC, Referee, Assistant Referee, and Vision Expoert should verify the SSL-Vision, auto-referee, set up the Game Controller, and score sheet, get an official ball, and verify the two playing teams.

At the match schedule time, if one of the teams is not ready to play, they should use their timeout. If the timeout ends, the referee can ask TC/OC for their opinion before enforcing a forced forfeit.