Scientific Publications

2018UMass MinuteBotsA Real-Time Solver For Time-Optimal Control Of Omnidirectional Robots with Bounded AccelerationDavid Balaban, Alexander Fischer, Joydeep BiswasPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2018UMass MinuteBotsInteractive Robot Transition Repair With SMTJarrett Holtz, Arjun Guha, Joydeep BiswasPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2017TIGERs MannheimReal-Time Online Adaptive Feedforward Velocity Control for Unmanned Ground VehiclesNicolai Ommer, Alexander Stumpf, Oskar von StrykPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2016CMDragonsVirtually Adapted Reality and Algorithm Visualization for Autonomous RobotsDanny Zhu, Manuela VelosoPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2016RoboDragonsClassifying the Strategies of an Opponent TeamBased on a Sequence of Actions in the RoboCupSSLYusuke Adachi, Masahide Ito, Tadashi NarusePlain Text, BibTexPDF
2016TIGERs MannheimDevelopment of an Autonomous Referee Software for the Small Size LeagueLukas MagelPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2015TIGERs MannheimPosition Control of an Omnidirectional Mobile RobotNicolai Ommer, Jannik AbbensethPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2014CMDragonsAutoRef: Towards Real-Robot Soccer Complete Automated RefereeingDanny Zhu, Joydeep Biswas, Manuela VelosoPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2014RoboDragonsA Method to Estimate Ball’s State of Spin by Image Processing for Improving Strategies in the RoboCup Small-Size-Robot LeagueYuji Nunome, Kazuhito Murakami, Masahide Ito, Kunikazu Kobayashi, Tadashi NarusePlain Text, BibTexPDF
2014STOx’sLearning Soccer Drills for the Small Size League of RoboCupCarlos Quintero, Saith Rodríguez, Katherín Pérez, Jorge López, Eyberth Rojas, Juan CalderónPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2014STOx’sFast Path Planning Algorithm for the RoboCup Small Size LeagueSaith Rodríguez, Eyberth Rojas, Katherín Pérez, Jorge López, Carlos Quintero, Juan CalderónPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2013RoboDragonsAnalyzing and Learning an Opponent’s Strategies in the RoboCup Small Size LeagueKotaro Yasui, Kunikazu Kobayashi, Kazuhito Murakami, Tadashi NarusePlain Text, BibTexPDF
2011ParsiangrSim – RoboCup Small Size Robot Soccer SimulatorValiallah Monajjemi, Ali Koochakzadeh, Saeed Shiry GhidaryPlain Text, BibTexPDF
2011RoboDragonsRobust Algorithm for Safety Region Computation and Its Application to Defense Strategy for RoboCup SSLTaro Inagaki, Akeru Ishikawa, Kazuhito Murakami, Tadashi NarusePlain Text, BibTexPDF
2011ZJUNlictDesign of a FPGA-Based Multiple Motors Control SystemYue Ma, Rong Xiong, Fan ZhangPlain Text, BibTexPDF

Further scientific publications can be found on the websites of the respective teams.