Match Statistics

Starting with the 2020 RoboCup season, the SSL will collect statistics of matches to compare the impact of rule changes and track the progress of the league.

The tooling for taking the statistics can be found on GitHub:

Completeness of data

RoboCup 2021

Logs for two matches are missing and three matches did not happen.

The match UBC Thunderbots vs Tritons RCSC on the 22. was played with two first halfs due to issues with the GC.

Detailed list

RoboCup 2019

Data for division A is complete.

A lot of matches of division B are missing.

RoboCup 2018

One match of division A is missing: UMass vs. KIKS Group A4 – A5

A lot of division B matches are missing.

The game events were in a different format and are thus missing in the statistics.

RoboCup 2017

Following matches are missing:

  • 13th place: UMass vs. Twente
  • LQF4: UMass vs. RoboJackets
  • D3: ER-Force vs. SRC
  • LQF2: MCT vs. RoboFEI (log file incomplete)
  • MQF1: MRL vs. NEUislanders (log file incomplete)

Note: There were no divisions yet.

Interactive statistics

A visual representation of the match statistics is provided by TIGERs Mannheim:


The pre-processed files can be downloaded here: