Open Source Contributions

Here is a list of known Open-Source projects published by SSL teams:

ER-ForceJTAG Programmer
ER-ForceSoftware Framework Release
Immortals3D Printed Robot
ParsianFormation Editor
ParsianGraphical Strategy Planner
RoboFEIElectronics Schematics and Firmware
RoboIMECode Release
RoboJacketsRobot CAD
RoboJacketsRobot Boards
RoboJacketsGUI, High Level Control and Planning, and Gameplay all using ROS2
RoboJacketsFirmware and custom mTrain microcontroller FreeRTOS-based firmware
RoboTeam TwenteWiki
RoboTeam TwenteGitHub
TIGERs MannheimAnnual Software and Hardware Releases
TIGERs MannheimGitHub
ZJUNlictRobot Test Software

Please report any missing contributions to the TC/OC.