Open Source Contributions

Here is a list of known Open-Source projects published by SSL teams. Contributions are separated in categories, such as:

  • Full Repository: Complete repository of the team with several projects, e.g. hardware and software.
  • Software: Contains only software (strategy systems) related resources.
  • Electronics: Contains only electronics and firmware related resources.
  • Mechanics: Contains only mechanics related resources.
  • Resources: Other types of contributions, such as: tutorials and wikis.
Topic: Full Repository
TIGERs MannheimGitHub
RoboTeam TwenteGitHub
RoboIMECode Release
Topic: Software
ER-ForceSoftware Framework Release
ParsianFormation Editor
ParsianGraphical Strategy Planner
RoboJacketsGUI, High Level Control and Planning, and Gameplay all using ROS2
TIGERs MannheimAnnual Software and Hardware Releases
ZJUNlictRobot Test Software
Topic: Electronics
ER-ForceJTAG Programmer
RoboFEIElectronics Schematics and Firmware
RoboJacketsRobot Boards
RoboJacketsFirmware and custom mTrain microcontroller FreeRTOS-based firmware
TIGERs MannheimAnnual Software and Hardware Releases
Topic: Mechanics
Immortals3D Printed Robot
RoboJacketsRobot CAD
TIGERs MannheimAnnual Software and Hardware Releases
Topic: Resources
RoboTeam TwenteWiki

Please report any missing contributions to the TC/OC.