Joining the Small Size League

If your team is planning on joining the Small Size League (SSL), there are a few things you have to arrange. They are summarized on this page.


Our main means of communication is the Small Size League mailing list. The mailing list is the place to be for SSL-related announcements and discussion. We require that at least one person from every team be subscribed to this mailing list in order to receive important announcements. Once you are subscribed, you can post your own messages as well. Please be considerate of other subscribers’ time and energy and avoid posting unnecessarily. You can subscribe to the mailing list here.

Next to the mailing list, we have a Discord Server. Most team members are part of this server. This is where you can easily ask other teams for advice or help. Additionally, important league announcements are posted on this server. You can join the server here.


To qualify for the SSL of RoboCup, you need to submit a team description paper and team video. Details regarding the qualification process, including important deadlines and divisions, can be found under the ‘RoboCup year’ tab on our website. For example, the qualification details for 2022 can be found here.

League-shared software

The league uses various software in order to play the matches. Some of them use team-specific parameters, which you will need to submit yourself by creating a pull request. This includes: