Game Logs

The league attempts to create log files of all official matches during each RoboCup. They contain the timestamped ProtoBuf messages of ssl-vision and ssl-game-controller (formally ssl-refbox).


The league provides several tools to deal with log files of SSL games. There is currently a C++ toolset and a Go toolset that can both record and play log files, among other actions.

File Format

Each log file starts with the following header:

1: String – File type (“SSL_LOG_FILE”) 
2: Int32 – Log file format version 

Format version 1 encodes the protobuf messages in the following format:

1: Int64 – Receiver timestamp in ns 
2: Int32 – Message type 
3: Int32 – Size of binary protobuf message 
4: String – Binary protobuf message 

The message types are:

MESSAGE_BLANK = 0 (ignore message)
MESSAGE_UNKNOWN = 1 (try to guess message type by parsing the data)

Storage locations

Following servers are known to host official SSL game logs:

You are welcome to add your teams server as a mirror here as well.