League Software


League-maintained software is stored and managed in the RoboCup Small Size League Github organization. Although the repositories are maintained by the Technical Committee, contributions from all members of the community are highly encouraged.


The official software for robot and ball detection is called SSL-Vision. It is responsible for transforming images from all cameras to coordinates that are broadcast to the teams.


The game is controlled with the SSL-Game-Controller since 2019. It replaces the Refbox and acts as the interface between team computers, Auto-Referees and human referees.


The SSL-Refbox is a small UI that allows the operator to send referee commands to the teams. It was replaced by the SSL-Game-Controller since 2019.

Log tools

The SSL provides several tools to deal with log files of SSL games. There is currently a C++ toolset and a Go toolset that can both record and play log files, among other actions.


The SSL-Status-Board can be run on a large screen to present the current state of the game to the audience and the human referee. It can also be used to live-stream the game to the internet (not video, only the 2D-field).


The simulator grSim was contributed to the SSL community by Parsian. It performs a physical simulation of SSL robots and publishes SSL-Vision network packages.



With the introduction of the SSL-Game-Controller, it is possible to have multiple active Auto-Referees running in parallel. Ideally, we would like to have at least three implementations. That way, a majority vote can be performed on critical rule violations, before the game is stopped. Teams are encouraged to contribute their own implementation.

Actively-Maintained Implementations

There are two implementations that are currently under active development by teams and that were used during RoboCup 2018: ER-Force and TIGERs Mannheim.

Inactive Implementations

Following implementations were not used in previous years: