Two technical challenges and a demo will be held in Istanbul 2011.

These challenges are designed to encourage SSL teams to develop technical contributions and to test ideas that can evolve the league towards the RoboCup goal of 2050. In order to motivate more teams to participate in the challenges, there is no qualification constraint. Both are designed to be scalable, i.e. every team can participate, and the Committes urge all the competing teams to compete in the challenges. Please note that both of these two challenges have changed from their previous versions.

Until June 20th (two weeks before the start of the competition), teams interested in participating in the challenge need to announce its interest to the OC. This is necessary for the preparation of the schedule.

Dynamic Navigation Challenge

**This challenge was used at the Iran open, with slight differences

The aim of this technical challenge is examine the ability of robots to safely navigate in a dynamic environment.

As it is shown in the pictures, there are 6 robots acting as obstacles, two stationary and four moving along a straight line. The approximate positions and trajectories are depicted in the figures. The actual position may vary.

1.1) The maximum number of participating robots are limited to 3.

1.2) The participating robots must navigate between the two stationary obstacles as shown in pictures.

1.3) Whenever a robot touches an obstacle or its teammate it will receive a penalty (-1).

1.4) Each successful navigation cycle for each robot is scored (+1).

1.5) Robots who can perform the cycle carrying the ball score (+3).

1.6) The challenge time is 2 minutes.

Mixed Team Match Challenge

This is a full match between mixed teams, each composed of five robots originating from two different SSL teams. One of the SSL teams must provide three robots and the other must provide two. Each robot will be controlled by its originating SSL team own software stack.

2.3) Teams who want to participate in this challenge must confirm its intention to the OC until June 20th. The OC also urges teams who want to participate to try to adjust their software before the match.

2.1) All SSL rules will apply

2.2) The mixed team can swap which of the originating teams provides three and which provides two robots

2.3) After the round robin stage of the soccer competition the teams for the “Mixed Team Challenge” become generated semi-randomly

Large Field Demo

A mixed match, similar to the Mixed Team Match Challenge, between 6 to 8 robots on each side, where each SSL Team will provide half of the robots for the mixed team. The field of play will consist of two official SSL-Fields joined as one, with SSL-Vision operating with four cameras. The log files of the demo games will be available after the competition to all SSL teams, and will serve to foster the development of systems capable of using the large field.

D.1) Teams who want to participate in this challenge must confirm its intention to the OC until June 20th.

D.2) All rules of the Mixed Team Challenge apply.

D.3) Participation on this demo is conditioned to participation on the Mixed Team Challenge