RoboCup 2013 Committees

Executive Committee

The Executives are members of the RoboCup executive and operate under the charge of the RoboCup Trustees.

Mehmet Akar – Bogazici University – Turkey

Kanjanapan Sukvichai – Kasetsart University – Thailand

Alfredo Weitzenfeld – USF Polytechnic – United States

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is responsible for setting the laws of the game, establishing technical challenges, and leading league software projects.


Christopher Head – University of British Columbia – Canada

Michael Bleier – Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg – Germany

Yonghai Wu – Zhejiang University – China

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee is responsible for preparing and organizing the competition.


José Angelo Gurzoni Jr. – Centro Universitário da FEI – Brazil

Ali Erdinç Köroğlu – Near East University – Northern Cyprus

Mohammad Hosein Fazeli – Iran University of Science and Technology – Iran

Tanakorn Panyapiang – Kasetsart University – Thailand