RoboCup 2018 Results

Results (Division A)


3TIGERs Mannheim
5 -6 UMass Minutebots
7 – 8RoboTeam Twente

Playoff Stage

Game IDTeam 1Team 2Result
Lower Round 1RoboDragonsKIKS5 – 1
Upper Round 1-1TIGERS MannheimER-Force1 – 0
Upper Round 1-2ZJUNlictCMμs1 – 2
Lower Round 2-1RoboTeam TwenteUMass Minutebots0 – 2
Lower Round 2-2ImmortalsRoboDragons5 – 2
Lower Round 3-1ER-ForceUMass Minutebots5 – 0
Lower Round 3-2ZJUNlictImmortals5 – 3
Upper FinalTIGERS MannheimCMμs0 – 1
Lower Round 4ER-ForceZJUNlict0 – 2
Lower FinalTIGERS MannheimZJUNlict3 – 5
Grand FinalCMμsZJUNlict0 – 4

Group Stage

RankTeamPointsWinDrawLossShotReceivedGoal Difference
4UMass Minutebots4112110-9
Game IDTeam 1Team 2Result
Group A1 – A5UMass MinutebotsZJUNlict0 – 0
Group A2 – A4ImmortalsKIKS4 – 1
Group A3 – A5ER-ForceUMass Minutebots9 – 0
Group A1 – A4KIKSZJUNlict0 – 7
Group A2 – A3ER-ForceImmortals1 – 0
Group A3 – A4KIKSER-Force0 – 3
Group A2 – A5ImmortalsUMass Minutebots1 – 0
Group A1 – A3ZJUNlictER-Force2 – 1
Group A4 – A5UMass MinutebotsKIKS1 – 0
Group A1 – A2ZJUNlictImmortals4 – 2
RankTeamPointsWinDrawLossShotReceivedGoal Difference
1TIGERS Mannheim721021120
3RoboTeam Twente3102321-18
Game IDTeam 1Team 2Result
Group B1 – B4TIGERS MannheimRoboTeam Twente10 – 0
Group B2 – B4CMμsRoboTeam Twente10 – 0
Group B1 – B3TIGERS MannheimRoboDragons10 – 0
Group B2 – B3RoboDragonsCMμs1 – 4
Group B3 – B4RoboTeam TwenteRoboDragons3 – 1
Group B1 – B2CMμsTIGERS Mannheim1 – 1

Results (Division B)


RankTeamsPointsWinDrawLossShotReceivedGoal Difference
3UBC Thunderbots1240216313

Group Stage

Game IDTeam 1Team 2Result
Swiss 6-1AMCNEUIslanders0 – 0
Swiss 6-2RoboJacketsUBC Thunderbots0 – 4
Swiss 6-3RoboFEIULtron0 – 2
Swiss 6-4AISRoboIME0 – 5
Game IDTeam 1Team 2Result
Swiss 5-1RoboJacketsRoboFEI2 – 0
Swiss 5-2AISNEUIslanders0 – 7
Swiss 5-3ULtronAMC4 – 1
Swiss 5-4UBC TunderbotsRoboIME0 – 1
Game IDTeam 1Team 2Result
Swiss 4-1RoboIMERoboJackets0 – 0
Swiss 4-2NEUIslandersULtron2 – 0
Swiss 4-3RoboFEIAIS0 – 1
Swiss 4-4AMCUBC Thunderbots0 – 3
Game IDTeam 1Team 2Result
Swiss 3-1UBC ThunderbotsNEUIslanders0 – 2
Swiss 3-2RoboIMERoboFEI1 – 0
Swiss 3-3RoboJacketsAMC2 – 0
Swiss 3-4ULtronAIS7 – 0
Game IDTeam 1Team 2Result
Swiss 2-1NEUIslandersRoboIME0 – 0
Swiss 2-2ULtronRoboJackets0 – 0
Swiss 2-3UBC ThunderbotsRoboFEI3 – 0
Swiss 2-4AMCAIS0 – 0
Game IDTeam 1Team 2Result
Swiss 1-1RoboJacketsNEUIslanders0 – 1
Swiss 1-2RoboIMEULtron1 – 0
Swiss 1-3RoboFEIAMC2 – 0
Swiss 1-4AISUBC Thunderbots0 – 6

Field Configuration

The RoboCup 2018 will feature 3 fields.

  • Field A: 9x12m, used for official games of division A
  • Field B: 6x9m, used for official games of division B
  • Field C: 6x9m, used for testing (both divisions)

The time before the scheduled start of official games is reserved for the two opposing teams of the next match. If there is no time left between the end of a match and the scheduled start of the next match, testing time on the playing field cannot be granted.

On field C, testing time slots will be distributed by the OC. There will be three options:

  • One team can use the field as a half of a division A field (there will be a large goal as well)
  • One team can use it as a full-size division B field
  • Two teams can use it simultaneously as a half of a division B field

After all games of the day have finished, all teams are free to test on either field. If there is too much demand, the OC will also coordinate it.

Tournament Format

Division A

  • Teams in division A will play a round robin group stage followed by a double elimination playoff stage.
  • There are two groups, with 5 and 4 teams
  • The team that places first or second the group starts in the upper bracket
  • The other teams start in the lower bracket
  • No team drops out after the group stage

Group Stage

  • Every group consists of three teams from pool 1 and one or two teams from pool 2
  • The pools were decided using the results of previous official tournaments
  • The rule that there is no more than 1 team from the same country in the same group will not be used
  • The groups will be assigned using the SSL grouping tool and
1TIGERs Mannheim
2UMass MinuteBots
2RoboTeam Twente

Playoff Stage

RoboCup 2018 Division A Playoff Bracket

Division B

  • Teams in division B will play a six-round swiss format
  • In the first round, the match-ups are drawn using
  • In the other 5 rounds, the match-ups are decided using the following criteria
    • Every team will be ranked using points (3 times the number of wins plus the number of draws), the goal difference and the goals shot (identical to the round robin group stage ranking)
    • The best team will skip the next round, but only if it has not skipped a round before
    • No team plays against the same opponent twice
    • Every team will play against an opponent that ranks as close as possible
  • At the end of the tournament, the team with the highest rank wins


  • The match-ups of the next round will be announced only one hour before the first game!
  • The teams that played in the last game of a round will not have to play in the first game of the following round


Link to the spreadsheet: