RoboCup 2021 Virtual Tournament

At RoboCup 2021 there will be a virtual tournament without any hardware involved. It will be played with the latest rule set, except that division A and division B teams will play in the same tournament. If one of the playing teams wishes to play with division B rules, the match will be played with division B rules.

The infrastructure for this tournament will be provided by the RoboCup organizers. Teams are expected to run their software on a Linux system, likely minimal Ubuntu 20.04 inside a custom Docker container.

The setup and configuration for the competition is available on Github, so every team can test it beforehand.

The tournament is hosted at


The primary referee will control the game and should start preparing the next match at least 5 min before the scheduled start time. If the primary refereeing team does not show up 5 minutes before the scheduled start time, the secondary refereeing team will take over the role of the primary referee and the GC operator.

If a team does not show up within 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time or if one team forfeits, the other team will play on an empty goal in the group stage and will automatically win in the elimination stage.

Before each match

Initialize the game-controller

  1. Start a new game.
  2. Enter the correct team names.
  3. Make sure that both autoRefs are connected.
  4. Make sure that all game events for both autoRefs are set to Accept.
  5. Make sure that all game events for GC are set to Majority.

Retrieve information from both teams

The Match Preparation from the rules apply, expect for the following differences:

  1. Determine one main contact person per team (which takes the role of the robot handler and is the only one allowed to talk with the referee)
  2. Ask teams if both agree to play with DivA rules, else switch to DivB in GC.
  3. Determine team colors (like described in the rules)
  4. Determine which team will have the first kickoff (by flipping a (virtual) coin) and enter it into the GC.
  5. Ask teams for their initial keeper ids and set the id in the GC.

Start the game at the scheduled start time or soon after, when all teams are ready

  1. Ask if teams are ready.
  2. Hit STOP in the GC.
  3. The match should automatically start with a kickoff as soon as all robots are at valid positions.

After the match