RoboCup 2022 – Technical Challenges

Technical Challenges of the Small Size League are intended to encourage teams to develop solutions to specific problems that will advance the quality of gameplay within the league. Teams are evaluated for their completion of the challenge during a designated time at RoboCup each year.


Below are the rules for the different RoboCup 2022 technical challenges. Source code associated with these challenges can be found on GitHub.

Vision Blackout Challenge

We will have the blackout challenge again to continue improving onboard sensing. There will be multiple phases with increasing difficulty again. This time, the focus will be on robot interaction: Two robots will need to collaborate with each other to score a goal.

Vision Blackout Challenge Results

Rank Team
1 TIGERs Mannheim
2 RobôCIn
3 RoboDragons

Dribbling Challenge

We will take the dribbling challenge from the hardware challenges from 2021 as a new technical challenge to keep improving the dribbling ability of our robots. There will be a new, more challenging scenario.

Dribbling Challenge Results

Rank Team
1 TIGERs Mannheim
3 RoboDragons
3 RobôCIn

Ball Placement Challenge

The ball placement challenge will be the same as in previous years. Only teams that never participated in division A before may attend it. We will not require attendance, though we strongly encourage teams to do so.

Ball Placement Challenge Result

Rank Team
1 RobôCIn
2 UBC Thunderbots