RoboCup 2023 – Technical Challenges

Technical Challenges of the Small Size League are intended to encourage teams to develop solutions to specific problems that will advance the quality of gameplay within the league. Teams are evaluated for their completion of the challenge during a designated time at RoboCup each year.


Below are the rules for the different RoboCup 2023 technical challenges. Source code associated with these challenges can be found on GitHub.

Chip Pass Challenge

This challenge will be similar to the Pass endurance Hardware Challenge from 2021. The goal is to perform as many passes as possible within a certain time. As an additional challenge, there will be more points if the ball is chipped.

Chip Pass Challenge Rules (HTML)
Chip Pass Challenge Rules (PDF)

Ball Placement Challenge

There will be a ball placement challenge similar to previous years, but with an adapted scoring system. Only teams that never participated in division A before may attend it. We will not require attendance, though we strongly encourage teams to do so.

Ball Placement Challenge Rules (HTML)
Ball Placement Challenge Rules (PDF)