RoboCup 2023 Teams

Division A

Team Country Contact Name ETDP Video Preliminary Qualification Status Final Qualification Status
SRC China Yujia Zou   Video Qualified  
TIGERs Mannheim Germany Andre Ryll   Video Qualified  
Immortals Iran Ali Salehi   Video Conditionally Qualified  
KIKS Japan Toko Sugiura   Video Qualified  
ER-Force Germany Paul Bergmann   Video Qualified  
RoboDragons Japan Koto Sugiura   Video Qualified  
RoboTeam Twente The Netherlands Emy Ganzeboom   Video Qualified  
ZJUNlict China Zheyuan Huang   Video Qualified  

Division B

Team Country Contact Name TDP Video Preliminary Qualification Status Final Qualification Status
TritonsRCSC USA Rafaella Gomes
Yash Puneet
  Video Conditionally Qualified
luhbots Soccer Germany Fabrice Zeug   Video Qualified  
OrcaBOT Thailand Chayud Srisumarnk   Video Qualified  
RoboIME Brazil Isabel Chaves de Freitas   Video Conditionally Qualified
RoboFEI Brazil Leonardo da Silva Costa   Video Qualified  
RoboJackets USA Kevin Fu   Video Qualified  
Ri-one Japan Takumu Hirohashi   Video Qualified  
GreenTea Japan Hirotaka Sato   Video Qualified  
Warthog Robotics Brazil Pedro Arthur Galvão Pizarro   Video Conditionally Qualified
NAMeC France Etienne Schmitz   Video Qualified  
ITAndroids Brazil Valerio Augusto Neri da Rocha Barros   Video Qualified  
The A-Team USA Will Stuckey   Video Qualified  
RobôCIn Brazil Riei Rodrigues   Video Qualified  
Sysmic Robotics Chile Daniel Torres   Video Conditionally Qualified  
UBC Thunderbots Canada Francesca Crema   Video Qualified